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Brawn GP Formula One Team History


Brawn Grand Prix is a Formula One team based in Brackley in south Northamptonshire, England which was formed out of the ashes of the Honda Racing F1 team in 6th March 2009. In December 2008 Honda revealed that they were going to pull the plug on their Formula One team in an attempt to save the Honda company money during the worsening global financial downturn.

This left one of the best funded and best equipped Formula One teams in the field in limbo while the management team attempted to find a buyer for the team and save 700 plus worker’s jobs at the teams Brackley HQ. Between December 2008 and February 2009 a number of possible buyers’ names were being thrown about by the media and team boss Nick Fry claimed the management was negotiating with a dozen possible buyers. The media reported that the team was close to being saved a number of times by parties including Prodrive, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim and a ‘consortium of Brazilian investors’ however none of these came to fruition and it was soon looking likely that the only realistic option was a management buyout.

In Feburary 2009 it came to light that the Honda management were in negotiations with Richard Branson’s Virgin Group and they looked set to buy the team however speculation ended when Richard Branson revealed he was interested in F1 but only once certain conditions were met, mainly that costs were reduced and that the sport was championing green technology.

On the 6th March 2009 the Honda Motor Company and the former Honda Racing F1 Team management announced that the team had been saved buy a management buyout from technical director Ross Brawn and the new team Brawn GP was born. The team went on to test its car for the first time in an official test at Circuit de Cataluña, Barcelona in March where they were they performed very well, setting an unofficial lap record in the process. The team was accused of running the car underweight in an attempt to attract sponsors to help fund the fledgling team however these claims were denied by the team. Others accused the team along with rivals Williams and Toyota of having an illegal rear diffuser under the new 2009 regulations, claims which were also denied by all three teams. Whatever accusations were thrown at the team, nobody could deny that it looks like Brawn GP had a very competitive car that could turn out to be one of the fastest come the season opening race in Australia.

Roll on the last weekend in March and it was time for the start of the 2009 Formula One season, throughout the weekend Brawn GP showed that it’s pace in pre-season testing was no bluff and in-fact they had one of the best cars on the grid. They proved this by first locking out the front row in qualifying and then going on to secure a historic 1-2 finish in the race, which was only the third time in history that a brand new team had managed it.


Source by Brawn Gp Blog

Photo by Nick J Webb

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