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Ferrari – the Ultimate Driving Machine


When we hear someone talking about “Ferrari” the first thing that comes to mind is money. Ferrari S.p.A is an Italian sports car manufacturer, this company started by sponsoring drivers and race cars and in its origins it was never thought of or intended to manufacture their own line of high performance/quality vehicles.

This company doesn’t count with the vast history other companies such as Ford count with but it nevertheless counts with an extremely high reputation, top quality standards and well known “super cars”.

Today, Ferrari is a symbol of wealth among those who possess such outstanding driving machines. Price tags on these vehicles as we all know, are equivalent to full mortgages and in some cases even more. This company has been known by its active participation in Formula One racing where it has earned great status throughout the years of success.

Ferrari, as a company has been voted as one of the best companies to work for in Europe by the Financial Times, which is a British international business newspaper which comes in second to the Wall Street Journal. The founder of the company was Enzo Ferrari who died at the age of 90, in fact, one of the top models among Ferrari was named after himself “The Ferrari Enzo”.
In Formula One, Ferrari is one of the oldest teams in the championship as well as one of the most successful, it holds several Formula one Records and fourteen World drivers championship titles. Among the most recognized drivers Ferrari had in their team we have: Felipe Massa (from Brazil), Michael Schumacher (Germany), Luigi Chinetti (Italy), Alain Prost (France), Eddie Irvine (Ireland), Rubens Barrichello (Brazil), Kimi Raikkonen (Finland), among many others.

Around mid 80’s Ferrari classified cars according to their engine displacement such as: V6, V8 and V12; furthermore Ferraris were also classified according to their body style such as:

– “M” which stands for “modificata” meaning modified, an example of this type of car is the 575 Maranello.
– “GBT” which are closed berlinettas or coupes.
– “GTS” which are convertibles recently using the sufix “spider”. Some examples of such vehicles are: F355 Spider (going from 0-100km in 4.7 seconds) and the Ferrari 360 Spider which can go from 0-62 mph in just 4.3 seconds using its 90 degree V8 F131 engine.

Examined from every angle, Ferrari as a brand, company and vehicle; is and will be a synonym of power, status and quality.


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