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First Arabic F1 Driver Khalil Beschir


The First Arabic Driver in F1 Khalil Beschir

F1 rumors are pointing at the emerging talent of a Lebanese driver, Khalil Beschir, who was previously featuring in the English F3000 and A1 GP; sports speculations and F1 rumors have pointed at the possibility of inducting Beschir into a formula one team which identity is still blank due to the unclear information. Khalil Beschir is expected to join the Red Bull F1 racing team or the Force India f1 team or Williams F1 team; one thing is for sure and that’s the fact of taking part in formula1 with 1 of those 3 racing squads.

Who is Khalil Beschir?

Khalil Beschir is a Lebanese racing driver, born on the 18th of June 1983. After showing some extra talents in karting, Khalil beschir succeeded in cruising his path towards becoming one of the best Lebanese and Arabs in the world of motorsport; briefly, since he tackled the motor sport as a pro in 1998, Beschir managed to race in the A1 series that encloses many races during which, nations are confronted using the same type of racing cars.

Earlier before tackling the racing tracks of the A1 GP, as the official driver for team Lebanon, Khalil was granted the chance to race in the F3000 where he ended the season in the 12th position despite racing only 5 Grand Prix races.

The pride of Beschir does not consist on ranking high in the A1 GP standings or into the F3000 rankings, but in the fact of being the 1st Arabic driver to race in a world championship of that kind.

Who’s Khalil Beschir

Khalil Beschir or Khalil Bachir is a Lebanese motorsport racing driver born on the 18th of June 1983; after proving extra talents in Karting at the age of 16, Khalil became the 1st Lebanese to race in a major motorsport series (A1 GP). After representing the whole Arabic nation as the official racing driver for team Lebanon in the A1 Grand Prix series, Khalil Beschir remained unchanged for 3 consecutive A1 GP seasons.

Khalil Beschir has started racing back in 1988 as he tackled the karting tracks and its racing engines; the new emerging racing talent had to stay away from racing until 2004 when he had the chance to race in the Belgian grand prix, as part of the Formula Renault schedule. His best racing spot after the finish lane was a 6th place at the Spa-Francorchamps, knowing that he started from the 32nd rank of the grid. In 2005, Khalil was inducted into a single round of the Italian Formula 3 Championship where he finished 11th in both racing events at Adria. Furthermore, Khalil Beschir finished 13th during the Italian Formula 3000 Series (F3000) realizing that he competed in only 5 races.

The last motorsport appearance for Khalil was throughout the A1 GP series as he represented Lebanon and the whole Arab World; at present, Khalil is the hot topic of all the motorsport world for he might become the 1st Arab driver to make it to the F1 championship as a test driver. Khalil, who is expected to join the Force India, Red Bull or Williams F1 team, will definitely spark the motorsport world for becoming the 1st Arabic F1 driver ever.


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