Formula One – An Introduction to Grand Prix Racing

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Formula One – An Introduction to Grand Prix Racing


Formula 1 racing, regularly referred to as Grand Prix, may be the top class of motor sports activities across the planet. Most often it is abbreviated as F1 racing. The title Formula 1 label indicates the guidelines, or “formula” that cars and participants in Formula one have to comply with. It is these strict guidelines make Formula one in all probability the most competitive of all automobile racing.

Formula 1 racing began in the early 1900s European Grand Prix. Early Grand Prix races had a “formula” of rules for both vehicles and drivers. Following WW II, an even more strict formula was created. This new set of rules was referred to as Formula 1, indicating that it was most challenging set of rules. The incredibly 1st Formula 1 Championship race was held in 1950 in England. Giuseppe Farina of Italy holds the title of 1st World Champion Formula One driver. He drove a winning Alfa Romeo. F1 Championships are now broken down into two divisions, one for the driver and one for the builder of the car.

Normally Formula 1 racing circuits consist of no less than one straight stretch of road. This stretch would be the starting grid for the race. The remainder of the race course is constructed of a string of turns and curves. Numerous laps are necessary to finish the race. The 305-kilometer Formula One race takes up to 2 hours to finish. Presently Grand Prix Formula one races are held on courses created specifically for that purpose. Formula 1 races continue to be held on road circuits in Montreal and Melbourne as well as the well-known Circuit de Monaco. Street courses are popular and exciting but aren’t considered to meet all of the safety standards necessary for F1 racing.

Fans from around the globe watch Formula 1 racing. Tv broadcasting gets into over two hundred nations and millions of followers. This tremendous growth in race fans has made Formula 1 racing popular with sponsors who use Grand Prix races to advertise their merchandise.


Source by R Matthews

Photo by Whiz Kris

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