Formula One Racing – An Introduction to the Fastest Sport

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Formula One Racing – An Introduction to the Fastest Sport


Last year, each Formula One race captured the attention of an average 600 million viewers. The great Formula One drivers count themselves among the most famous, richest men in the world. By some metrics, former Formula One stud Michael Schumacher is the highest grossing athlete of all time. Now, one of our own—Brit Lewis Hamilton—has the holds the distinct honour of being the Formula One driver’s champion.

There is good reason for the popularity of Formula One racing: it is fast paced, exciting, and seemingly death-defying. Formula One drivers race around “circuits” at speeds upwards of 220 miles per hour, at times pulling up to five g-forces. The cars are truly state of the art. These open wheeled, single-seaters have light-as-a-feather carbon fibre composite bodies, but are capable of an astonishingly powerful 18,000 rpm.

During Formula One season, drivers participate in a series of races called the Grands Prix. At each race, the driver is awarded points base on his finish. A first place finisher, for instance, receives ten points while the eighth place finisher only receives one point. Formula One results and standings can be viewed at Formula One’s official website, but Formula One isn’t just about the driver—it’s also about the “constructors.” These are the men and women who actually build the Formula One racecar chassis—a requirement in Formula One racing that doesn’t exist in other series. Ferrari, the venerable Italian outfit, has won the constructor’s championship two years running.

The Brits have always proudly been major players in Formula One. Since the beginning of Formula One racing in 1950, only two courses have been part of the Grands Prix every single year and one of them is the British Grands Prix, which is held at the Silverstone Circuit near the village of Silverstone in Northamptonshire. Lewis Hamilton triumphed at Silverstone last year in 2008.

Formula One racing is popular, local, and exciting. Head directly to online to buy tickets to a Grand Prix event, and when you’re sufficiently hooked, head there again to buy all of your Formula One merchandise.


Source by Richard Allen

Photo by Michael Elleray

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