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Top 5 Adrenalin Activities in SA


South Africa has a vast selection of activities best suited to those courageous men and women out there who feel the need to challenge their darkest fears. With a fine blend of mountains, craggy sea cliffs, boisterous rivers and vast wilderness areas, there is always a pursuit that can easily engender the fear factor.

Great White shark cage diving

Possible the one activity that never fails in creating gut-wrenching primordial fear is cage diving with Great white sharks off the coast of Gansbaai. This powerful killer has been perfectly adapted for the hunt and has gigantic jaws and several rows of razor-sharp teeth and is ready to attack in a split second. Clients are urged to get up close and personal with these terrifying predators by climbing into protective cages which are then lowered into the sole territory of these massive beasts – certainly not for the faint hearted!

Diving with Nile crocodiles

A new adrenalin diving experience has been introduced more recently on the Garden Route. It is now possible to climb into the water with 4 metre long Nile crocodiles and watch them interact in their natural habitat. Clients are, however, well protected by cages specially designed to withstand the incredible power of the crocodile’s jaws. Interestingly enough, the crocs have a bite pressure four times that of the Great white shark, so underestimate them at your peril!

Iconic Table Mountain abseil

Another firm favourite with the intrepid journeyman is to abseil off the iconic Table Mountain. Classified as the world’s highest commercial abseil, customers simply leap off a sheer drop and abseil 112 metres down to earth. Not only are the views spectacular, but it is possible to see the curvature of the earth while looking at the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean.

Formula One racing

For those seduced by speed, it is no longer necessary to watch longingly as Button and Brawn hog the tracks. Formula One fundis can now drive a race car in South Africa and experience the thrill and sublime swiftness of genuine F1 cars. Whether in Cape Town or Johannesburg, it is possible to spend a day at the races – but instead of being part of the ever-growing fan base, get behind the wheel of one of a selection of race cars, including the Jordan, Reynard and Birkin.

Bloukrans bungy jump

Yet another commercial record-breaker is the Bloukrans Bridge bungy jump, the highest in the world at 216m. Located 40km east of Plettenberg Bay on the Garden Route, the jump is off the highest single span arch bridge on the planet. If vertigo doesn’t bother you, then this one is a rush of note.


Source by Kayla Reid

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