Useful Dirt Track Racing Tips

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Useful Dirt Track Racing Tips


Dirt track racing is not that easy. No matter if it is a small oval track or a 1000 mile track you race, it is only a special type of car and driver that can successfully race on dirt tracks. So if you too intend to try this out, here are some steps to help you successfully race cars on a dirt track.

Of course, you can never go racing if you don’t drive the right car. So you have to first choose the right car; preferably a four-wheel drive car lest you end up at a distinct disadvantage with other drivers if you drive some other car. You could also consider adding proper tires, a roll cage, some reinforced suspension, racing seat belts and at least one fire extinguisher to your car.

Choose your racing track

You have to decide on the type of dirt track racing you plan to race in. If you plan to race in the longer versions, you will need some additional accommodation, maps and supplies for the restroom and preferably a co-driver. However in case of the shorter circuits, you don’t actually require lots of preparation.

On the contrary, based on the driving conditions, you have to focus on making structural changes to your vehicle. Check out the safety equipment you have to wear for the race. While helmets and eye protection are essential, you will also have to wear a fireproof jumper too.

Go for a test drive

Before going dirt track racing, inspect the track so that you learn more about its features. It’s better to take someone with you who will be able to point out any dangers or challenges you miss yourself. Take special note of those parts of the track that may cause your suspension to bottom out because of insufficient clearance under the car.

It’s always better to take a test drive around the track to find out how your vehicle reacts to the track before you go racing. Don’t drive at high speeds but at reduced speeds so that you don’t accidently damage your car before you go dirt track racing. However do drive fast enough so that you get an idea of how your vehicle feels when you race.

Precautions while driving

It is very important that you are adequately hydrated before and during dirt track racing as there is a chance of the inside of the car reaching high temperatures. It’s also better to apply some baby powder to the inside of your driving gloves when you go racing. This keeps your hands dry and also reduces any chance of your skin getting chafed because of the gloves.


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